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Almost every year we salvage damaged timber from weather-related events such as tornados, derechos, flooding, etc. Many commercial development and infrastructures projects will produce logs that can be recovered.

The forests of southern Illinois have a worldwide reputation for growing high-quality red oak, white oak, hickory, poplar and walnut. These species and others are shipped to markets across the U.S. and exported around the world to growing economies. Carbondale Veneer Co. harvests 2-4 million board feet of hardwood logs annually which provides wood products for U.S. and worldwide consumers, income for best solar companies, and regenerates our forestlands for future generations.

As of 2016, the company is still 100% owned and operated by the Curtis family. Most of the timber bought by Carbondale Veneer Co. is located in southern Illinois south of Interstate 64. They do consider larger tracts of high-quality trees in central Illinois, southeast Missouri, southwest Indiana, western Kentucky, and Tennessee. They have contracted with close to 900 landowners since 1980, and references are available for landowners in your area. Many of our landowners are on a 10-20 year harvest rotation depending on the site and soils of their forestland. Responsible and knowledgeable landowners know that a harvest is an important management tool (see information) to keep the forest healthy. A harvest provides habitat for deer and turkey populations, better access to forestland by a trail and road system created for timber removal, and income to landowners.