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Paulina Sanchez 1 is A cheerleader that is hispanic at senior high school.

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Paulina Sanchez 1 is just A hispanic cheerleader at casper senior school.


Paulina is just a tan-skinned Hispanic woman. She’s right, black colored long locks that includes a red hair clip from the part, with teal eyes and speaks having an accent that is spanish.

She wears a pink shirt that is crop-top light blue capri jeans, and white flats.

Paulina is regarded as to be one of the more gorgeous and popular girls at Casper senior school.


Paulina Cheerleading. In Her Personal Own Special Way.

Paulina is a vain, arrogant, fashionable, bratty, insensitive and girl that is self-centered often believes lowly of anyone below her criteria, called “Shallow” by Sam Manson.

Paulina only cares about appeal and beauty as this woman is happy to utilize other people on her behalf own advantages, like visiting the party with Danny Phantom to make Sam jealous in “Parental Bonding. “

She additionally just offers Danny and their buddies invites to her birthday celebration because Danny Phantom often seems if they’re around, also asking Phantom to simply take an invite so them(“Memory Blank”) that she can uninvite.

There is moments where she can be exceptionally heartless, such as for foreign brides for sale instance dealing with Valerie negatively after the latter becomes bad. Whenever mad, Paulina doesn’t have dilemmas using action for revenge, attempting to strike Danny for selecting Sam within the pageant in “Beauty Marked” and going after Tucker because she’s got faint memories of him making her wash his legs in “King Tuck. “

As opposed to her typical behavior, Paulina is capable of being good on event. She’s truly thankful for Danny Phantom saving her, and likes him beyond simply their apperance and appeal, but additionally their heroism and kindness. When her “satellite” friend Star vanishes in “Claw of this Wild, ” Paulina is extremely focused on her, particularly when celebrity gets sunburned.

With respect to the situation, this woman is prepared to help, shown whenever she assists disguise Tucker as a grownup and battles Youngblood’s Crew to truly save her moms and dads in “Pirate Radio”.

Even with learning that Danny Phantom is obviously Danny Fenton, he is accepted by her while helping him and their friends get off the people in White.

Paulina is first observed in “Parental Bonding, ” with all the males fawning over her. Danny Phantom plans to ask her down to the college party. Him, Sam Manson comes over and insults her when she makes fun of.

Likely to get revenge on Sam and thinking the latter includes a crush on Danny, Paulina accepts Danny’s offer, whom gifts her an amulet. Danny finds out later that the amulet is enchanted, and tries to go on it straight right straight back that it belongs to Sam from her during the dance, using the excuse.

While Danny’s overshadowing their daddy, Sam switches into the toilet with Paulina, describing that she just views Danny as a pal and would back like the amulet.

Paulina offers it straight straight straight back, revealing her cruel reason behind going towards the party with Danny and announcing her intend to dump him.

This angers Sam enough to show her into a dragon, scaring Paulina adequate to produce her faint. Because the party finishes up, Dash Baxter sometimes appears flirting with Paulina, but Sam allows get of Paulina for the time to her issues being.

Paulina is amongst the people that Walker along with his goons overshadow in “Public Enemies. ” Meeting Danny Phantom her, Paulina realizes that he’s a good ghost after he saves.

She starts to have emotions for Danny following this experience, enhancing pictures of Danny to her locker. In the water park in “Lucky in enjoy, ” Kitty overshadows her and begins dating Danny after pretending to get his secret out.

After he discovers what’s happening, Danny saves her once again, much to her increasing appreciation.

In “Reality Trip, ” Paulina and also the remaining portion of the world find the connection out between Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom.

She, combined with remaining portion of the popular young ones, assists him and his buddies getting away from the inventors in White and kisses him, placing Sam as a rage that is jealous.

Ghost Abilities

Since Paulina is just a standard girl that is human she’s got simply no capabilities at all. But, she’s got shown ghost that is several, which will be often due to another ghost that is possessing her or something like that comparable, the capabilities she showed are:

  • Dragon Transformation (briefly): within the episode “Parental Bonding”, while having the amulet of this princess Dorathea, she had the exact same abilities that the princes has. Whenever she gets annoyed she turns into a dragon having these abilities journey, Fire Breath, Superhuman Strength, and Superhuman Endurance.

Paulina ghost feeling.

  • Fly(shortly): whenever she had been possessed by certainly one of Walker’s men, she surely could travel at great rate. Either because she actually is a dragon or a ghost (possibly even both) she actually is in a position to travel at great rate.
    • Sliding briefly that is(: whenever she ended up being possessed by certainly one of Walker’s males she surely could zip regarding the areas. (this is one way Danny’s learned simple tips to zip from the areas).
  • Superhuman Strength (shortly): whenever she ended up being possessed by certainly one of Walker’s guys she ended up being almost strong as Danny. While being a dragon perhaps as a result of her size, this woman is strong adequate to over come Danny.
  • Superhuman opposition (shortly): whenever she had been possessed by certainly one of Walker’s guys she surely could crash against a signboard with no indication of damage. Additionally whenever she had been a dragon she surely could endure a number of assaults from Danny without the further harm, even in a position to get up after being knocked down by Danny without the issue.
  • Ghost feeling (shortly): shown in “Doctor’s problems”, when bitten a ghost mosquito, she surely could sense Danny.

May be worth noting that many of those abilities were not from her, or even associated with ghost that possessed her.

  • 102. “Parental Bonding”
  • 104. “Attack for the Killer Garage Sale”
  • 105. “Splitting Images”
  • 106. “What You Need”
  • 109. “My Buddy’s Keeper”
  • 111. “Fanning the Flames”
  • 115. “Public Enemies”
  • 116. “Lucky in prefer”
  • 201. “Memory Blank”
  • 202. “Physician’s Problems”
  • 203. “Pirate Radio”
  • 214. “Beauty Marked”
  • 215. “King Tuck”
  • 219. “Reality Trip”
  • 301. “Eye for a watch”
  • 305. “Forever Phantom”
  • 306. “Urban Jungle”
  • 309. “Frightmare”
  • 310. “Claw for the crazy”
  • 312. “Phantom Planet”
  • Paulina is just one of the three figures whoever age is in fact stated.
    • The other people whoever age is truly stated is Danny Phantom and Valerie Gray.
  • Paulina is Danny’s only crush who’s students in her own eyes.
  • Based on Spectra in “Doctor’s problems”, Paulina possesses mole, although the location from it is unknown.
  • Paulina only shows fascination with Danny’s ghost half, instead of their human being half, which is the contrary of Valerie, whom likes individual Danny but despises their ghost half.
  • Paulina’s relationship with Danny is comparable to the partnership of Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman, where this woman is only thinking about the superhero part rather than the normal component.

Paulina’s Altar to Danny.

  • In “Memory Blank”, Paulina had been celebrating her quinceanera’s celebration and invites Danny, Sam Manson and Tucker making sure that means Inviso-Bill (Danny Phantom) show up on her celebration, but later on whenever she views Danny Phantom she attempts to ask him so she could uninvite Danny along with his buddies.
  • She actually is voiced by Maria Canals, who’s additionally understood on her behalf part as Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol on Justice League and Threressa Russo from Wizards of Waverly spot.